Coronavirus Volunteers Documents

Shopping Options for Volunteers

A list of shopping options, including local shops that deliver or have options for residents, and chain supermarkets that offer volunteer cards to be purchased in advance online.

Our page on financial guidance for shopping.

Blaby District Council guidance and FAQs

Mutual Aid Leaflet

This can be for anyone but is aimed at places where people can go – shops etc. for people to pick up and to keep as a reference and to pick up for others to share and distribute. It gives all the information about the scheme, where to find out more and general, including safety, advice.

Mutual Aid Leaflet

C-19 Mutual Aid volunteer guidance

Handy information for the volunteers, providing guidance and advice and phone numbers if they have any safeguarding concerns from any of their dealings. It is not confidential but is aimed at those who are actually volunteering in their community/neighbourhood rather than for wide distribution.

Volunteer Guidance

A government page on safely helping shielding individuals.


A5 Neighbour Volunteer Forms

This is the flyer volunteers can deliver to residents in the neighbourhood/area they are supporting. The leaflet prints to A4 and duplexes on long edge. Once printed it can be cut in half to create A5 flyers.

Neighbourhood Volunteer Forms

Poster - Small text

This poster has some quite small text, and is intended for display in shops, or anywhere the reader will be relatively close to - for example, noticeboards.

Poster with small text and more information

Poster - Larger text

This poster is intended for displaying somewhere people won't be quite so close to - car windows, house windows, shop windows, etc.

Poster with larger text

Town Map with area divisions

The divisions are as follows:

  1. Winstanley West
  2. Winstanley East
  3. Thorpe Astley West
  4. Thorpe Astley East
  5. Ravenhurst West
  6. Ravenhurst East
  7. Fosse
  8. Millfield North
  9. Millfield South

Please click the map for a larger version suitable for printing.

Business Hours

Customer Service Shop

The Customer Service shop is closed to face-to-face enquiries during Covid-19.

For further information, please have a look at our page on tiers and their impact on council services.

Braunstone Town Community Library

Currently operating on a call and collect service during Covid-19.

Thorpe Astley Community Centre

Not available for hirings to allow NHS and childcare usage of the centre during Covid-19. 

Customer Services Shop

Braunstone Civic Centre
Braunstone Town,

Tel: 0116 2890045
Fax: 0116 2824785

The coat of arms of Braunstone Town, with text reading 'Braunstone Town Council'.

Our Community Centres

Logo for Google Maps, linking to a map showing the Braunstone Civic Centre.

Braunstone Civic Centre
Kingsway, Braunstone Town, Leicester, LE3 2PP.
Tel: 0116 2890045

Logo for Google Maps, linking to a map showing the Thorpe Astley Community Centre

Thorpe Astley Community Centre
Off Lakin Drive, Thorpe Astley, Leicester, LE3 3RU.
Tel: 0116 2890704

Logo for Google Maps, linking to a map showing the Braunstone Town Community Library.

Braunstone Town Community Library
Kingsway, Braunstone Town, Leicester, LE3 2PP.
Tel: 0116 3055909 or 01164820159


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