Proposed Extension to Braunstone Village Conservation Area 

Proposed Extension to Braunstone Village Conservation Area  



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What is a Conservation Area?

Local planning authorities can designate any part of their area that is of special architectural or historic interest, the character and appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance, as a Conservation Area.

Special character of conservation areas relates to the appearance of the area and is not limited to its buildings.  Therefore, it can also include the historic layout of roads, paths, water features, woodland and parkland.

What is the Impact of Designating an area as a Conservation Area?

Conservation area designation introduces a general control over the demolition of unlisted buildings and provides a basis for planning policies whose objective is to conserve all aspects of character or appearance, including landscape and public spaces, which define the conservation area’s special interest.

Designation of a conservation area also gives broader protection than the listing of individual buildings. All the features, listed or otherwise, within the area, are recognised as part of its character. Conservation area designation is the means of recognising the importance of all these factors and of ensuring that planning decisions address the quality of the landscape in its broadest sense.

Under the National Planning Policy Framework conservation areas are designated heritage assets and their conservation is to be given great weight in planning permission decisions.

Changes to the external appearance of a building in a conservation area may require planning permission from the local planning authority that is not required elsewhere as some permitted development rights are curtailed.

Demolition or substantial demolition of a building within a conservation area will require planning permission from the local planning authority.

Any work planned to a tree in a conservation area must be notified to the local planning authority six weeks in advance so that the local planning authority may determine whether or how the work to the tree should take place.


What is a Character Assessment?

A character appraisal defines the special interest of the conservation area that merits its designation and describes and evaluates the contribution made by the different features of its character and appearance.

Please find the initial draft Character Appraisal here: CHARACTER APPRAISAL FOR BRAUNSTONE VILLAGE UPDATED MAY 2022


Proposed Extension to Braunstone Village Conservation Area

Braunstone Town Council is proposing that the area of Braunstone Village to the south of Braunstone Lane/Main Street (i.e. within the administrative area of Braunstone Town / Blaby District) be considered for designation as a Conservation Area to coincide with the already designated Conservation Area of Braunstone Village on the northern sider of Braunstone Lane/Main Street (which falls within the administrative area of Leicester City).

In order to define the special interest / character of the area, an initial draft Character Assessment of the proposed extension to Braunstone Village Conservation Area, was prepared by Braunstone Town Heritage Warden, John Dodd, with assistance from Jack Haselgrove, local historian.

The document has included, as an Appendix, Leicester City’s Character appraisal.   It is essential that the overall plan for a united conservation area in Braunstone Village is read together with the Town side of Main Street/Braunstone Lane.

The aim of this initial draft Character Assessment is to identify Braunstone Village's special character and appearance in order to help inform the preparation of proposals for a conservation area extension and the design of future development proposals so that they preserve and enhance the Village and acknowledge its features.

Initial Survey

The Town Council in December 2021 and January 2022 undertook a survey to ascertain residents’ and stakeholders’ views.  This survey closed on the 10th January 2022. 

Please find the survey results here: Conservation Area Consultation Survey Results 2022

Stakeholder Response: Blaby District Council's Planning Policy

Next Stages

An “Inception Meeting” was held on Wednesday 8th November, which was attended by representatives from Braunstone Town Council, Planning Policy and Development Services teams at Blaby District Council, and representatives from Leicester City Council’s conservation team, who manage the existing Braunstone Conservation Area.     

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the scope, timescales and process for evaluating whether there is a case to designate the area of Braunstone Village to the south of Braunstone Lane/Main Street as a Conservation Area, which would be complementary to the existing Braunstone Conservation Area in protecting and enhancing the special character and appearance of Braunstone Village. 

The City Council conservation team will provide all technical support to facilitate the evidence gathering and appraisal process.   The team will use existing evidence and work, including the appraisal undertaken by Braunstone Town’s Heritage Warden.  The team will also be able to assess the responses to the initial survey undertaken by the Town Council in December 2021/January 2022.   Both the appraisal and the survey have helped begin the process of considering the Conservation Area designation.

Ultimately the evidence and work will need to be legally defensible and robust in planning terms.   Any Conservation Area will need to be managed and there must be robust evidence for further restrictions on permitted development rights if these are included.  These restrictions must be relevant and essential to protect the special character and avoid undue burdens on residents. Leicester City Council’s conservation team have the technical knowledge to carry this out including in relation to the process and legislation.

Once the above work has been carried out, should there be evidence to support a designation, a draft appraisal will be developed for public consultation.  The consultation will be a statutory consultation carried out by Blaby District Council and supported by Braunstone Town Council.   The Town Council will support the consultation process using its communications channels, premises and Citizens’ Advisory Panel.

Following the consultation period, the results will be assessed.   A recommendation, based on the evidence gathered, the appraisal, and the consultation results, will then be made to Blaby District Council who will determine whether or not to designate the Town/District side of Braunstone Village as a Conservation Area, and if so the area for designation.

Braunstone Town Council will be involved at certain key stages in the process.

Updated: November 2023

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