Braunstone Civic Centre

General Information

The Civic Centre is licensed for music, singing and dancing. A theatre license may be obtained by prior arrangement.  Guide Dogs, Hearing & Guide Dogs are welcome in all areas of the Civic Centre.  Wheelchair users and pushchairs are cated for as the Civic Centre is a single story building with easy access to all areas with no steps and wide corridoors and doors.  Equipment available for hire at the Civic Centre - Overhead Projector, Overhead Projector Screen, Flip Chart, TV, VHS & DVD Player (for viewing only), Portable Loop Hearing System. Free WiFi is also available at the Civic Centre.

Programme of Events

Braunstone Town Council organises a series of events during September to April including bands, quizzes, barn dances, craft fairs, pantomimes plus much more. Local groups and charities organise the events and the Town Council provides the room, tickets and publicity.  Net proceeds are donated to the group. Brouchures promoting all the events are distributed in August.  Or see What's On for upcoming events. 

Our Rooms

Millfield Hall

Millfield Hall

The Millfield hall is a large hall available for events and family parties. There is a large stage with stage lighting. Extension blocks for the stage are available.  The Millfield Hall is fully air-conditioned. Variable coloured mood lighting can be set to your requirements. Bouncy Castles are permitted in the Millfield Hall.

Maximum Capacities:

Theatre Seating 240
Seating with tables 200
Seating with dancing 200


Millfield Hall - 22.5m x 12.5m (73'x41') (LxW) 
Millfield Stage   - 12.5m x 3.96m x 1.22m (41'x13'x3.9') (WxDxH)


Millfield hall 2 Millfield hall 1 Millfield hall 4 Millfield hall 3


Council Chambers

Council Chamber

Available for smaller family events, conference meeting etc. The room is fitted with air extraction, spot lights and a wooden floor. Bouncy Castles are permitted in the Council Chamber with a maximum height of 3.05m (10ft)

Maximum Capacities:

Theatre Seating 100
Seating with tables 80


Council Chamber - 11.8m x 8.7m (38.7'x28.5'') (LxW) 

Committee Rooms

RavenhurstFosse RoomA selection of rooms are available for meetings or social occasions for smaller groups. All rooms are fully carpeted, curtained and fitted with fans.  The Ravenhurst and Winstanley Rooms can be used as one large room or as 2 smaller rooms. Bouncy Castles are permitted in the Ravenhurst Room with a maximum height of 2.29m (7.5')

Maximum Capacities:

Ravenhurst Room 45
Winstanley Room 10
Fosse Room 20
Small Meeting Room 4


Ravenhurst Room - 7.3m x 4.44m (24'x14.6') (LxW) 
Winstanley Room   - 3.91m x 4.44m (12.8'x14.6') (LxW)
Ravenhurst & Winstalney combined - 11.21m x 4.44m (12.8' x 14.6') (LxW) 
Fosse Room - 3.55m x 6.26m (11.8'x20.5') (LxW) 
Small Meeting Room  - 2.82m x 2.62m (9.25'x8.58') (LxW) 


The Coucil Chamber, Ravenhurst and Millfield Hall have modern fitting kitchens available to hire in conjunction with room hire.  Both kitchens have a large cooker, fridge, dishwasher and tea urn.  The Civic Centre can also provide hot flasks/cups, tea/coffee etc, bottled water for a modest charge.

Please click here for more information on the bar/lounge at the Civic Centre - the Civic Community Lounge. 



Civic Centre Floor Plan

Civic Centre Floor Plan

Thorpe Astley Community Centre

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Braunstone Civic Centre
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Our Community Centres

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Kingsway, Braunstone Town, Leicester, LE3 2PP.
Tel: 0116-2890045. 
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Off Lakin Drive, Thorpe Astley, 
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Business Hours

Customer Service Shop

The new opening hours for customer services at the Braunstone Civic Centre during Covid-19 are: 

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 9:30 AM - 12:00 Noon, then 2 PM - 4:30 PM.
  • Wednesday: 9:30 AM - 12:00 Noon, then 2 PM - 4:30 PM.
  • Thursday: 9:30 AM - 12:00 Noon, then 2 PM - 4:30 PM.
  • Friday: 9:30 AM - 12:00 Noon, then 2 PM - 4:30 PM.
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed
Braunstone Town Community Library
  • Monday: 2PM - 7PM
  • Tuesday: 2PM - 5PM
  • Wednesday: 10AM - 12:00 Noon, then 2 PM - 5PM.
  • Thursday: 2PM - 5PM
  • Friday: 10AM - 12:00 Noon, then 2 PM - 5PM.
  • Saturday: 10AM - 1PM
  • Sunday: Closed
Braunstone Civic Centre
Not available for hirings due to Covid-19 Outbreak

Thorpe Astley Community Centre
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