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New Parkland Consultation

 A new area of Public Parkland is proposed adjacent to, and connecting strongly with existing parkland along the Western edge of Thorpe Astley. The new parkland will offer a variety of open spaces, walking routes and a more direct connection with Meridian Way. 


A full consulation document on the proposed plans are below (Please read for more details) :


New Parkland Consulation 

The above document can also be viewed at Thorpe Astley Community Centre and on the footpath adjacent to the site. 


FPCR is an Environmental Design Consultancy and is consulting on the proposals ahead of submitting a planning application in early Autumn. If you have any comments, please send them by the 2nd August 2021 to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




The Town Council is undertaking a consultation on its proposed Climate Change & Environmental Strategy

The Proposed Strategy sets out how the Council will:

  • Pledge to make the activities of Braunstone Town Council carbon neutral and embed climate and environmental awareness in all its decision making.
  • Promote and encourage awareness and action on climate change, environmental protection and recycling by local residents, businesses and community organisations.
  • Put climate change at the heart of the Town Council's procurement policies including moving to the use of renewable energy sources for its activities and encourage its customers and suppliers to do likewise.
  • Protect and enhance the town’s Green spaces, promote and encourage tree planting, and seek to increase and enrich biodiversity.

More information on this consultation can be found by clicking here The deadline for consultation responses is 9am on Monday 16th August 2021.  



The Town Council is undertaking further consultation to ascertain the community’s views on the implementation of “Tap4tennis” at the Thorpe Astley and Shakespeare Park Tennis Courts.

Tap4Tennis is a booking system for tennis courts which allows residents to book access to tennis courts over the phone or online. The resident then receives a passcode which can be entered into the access gate lock.

The Town Council has proposed charging fees as attached, which ensures that Braunstone Town residents are paying fair and reduced price for the facilities and have the advantage of accessing the courts free of charge at set times. Braunstone Town residents also have the option of monthly, yearly fees and spreading the cost of payment.

The system would provide the following advantages:

  • Allow for a more structured use of the tennis court facilities - booked slots ensure residents will know their court will be available. The Lawn Tennis Association confirmed that payment of courts increases use.
  • Reduce the misuse of the tennis courts, for example, exercising pets.
  • Generate a moderate income to help with the maintenance and future upkeep of the courts.
  • Hire of equipment that residents can access free of charge if needed, available for a small deposit (tennis racquets, balls if residents do not have access)
  • Provision of coaching sessions at the courts to encourage new players and improve the skills of existing players
  • Encouragement of a formal tennis club being established within Braunstone Town

The consultation also includes the implementing of “Tap4tennis” at Shakespeare Park when the current courts will be refurbished once the new sports pavilion adjacent to the tennis courts is completed in Spring 2021.

The Town Council invites you to have your say on this scheme, and to make alternative suggestions to the pricing structure or access to the courts.

CLOSING DATE FOR RETURNING RESPONSES – 9am on Monday 2nd August 2021

Survey Form

Price List


The Council is consulting on phase 2 of the Shakespeare Park improvements, to the Playground and Tennis Courts.

Renovation of the playground equipment will include the installation of low maintenance mulch safety surfaces and new play equipment including the provision of new sensory play equipment, which enables children with special needs to enjoy the playground and park with their friends and siblings.

Improvements to the tennis courts will include the nets and net sockets, surface, markings, gates and perimeter netting in order for the courts to be attractive for a club and for tennis training, as well as for casual play by local residents.

Have your say by filling in our survey below:

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