A poster with information regarding safe usage of the gym equipment on Mossdale Meadows with regards to Coronavirus.
A poster with information regarding safe usage of our playgrounds with regards to Coronavirus.

As our playgrounds and outdoor gym areas have now been reopened, please consider the following information before use.
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We installed hand sanitiser stations at all playground or outdoor gym areas - if you are concerned about allergens, suitability for children, or would like to read the safety datasheet please click here.

Braunstone Town Council maintains quite a few playgrounds around both Braunstone Town and Thorpe Astley. Some of these play areas are on our lovely parks - some are just in residential areas, on spare green land. Further information on our playgrounds can be found below.

Braunstone Town Playgrounds

Franklin Park playground.

Off Welcombe Avenue, LE3 2TA

The Franklin Park play area is easiest to access through the Welcome Avenue entrance, and includes swings, a seesaw, a 'rope pyramid', and other various equipment. There are chairs and tables for the parents, too.

Holmfield Park playground.

Facing onto Wardens Walk, and alongside the five-a-side pitch, the Holmfield play area includes a rocking horse, two sizes of swing sets, a multi use climbing frame with a slide, and a roundabout.

Mossdale Meadows playground.

The playground on Mossdale includes a slide, swings for toddlers and teens, and a wide variety of fun things to climb on - nets, frames, and something I'm not even sure of the name of!

Shakespeare Park playground.

The Shakespeare park play area includes two sizes of swing set, a slide, a multi use climbing frame, and a multi person rocking horse. It is conveniently sited next to the car park and tennis courts.

Due to the ongoing refurbishment of Shakespeare Park, there may be times when the playground is inaccessible.

Thorpe Astley Playgrounds

Hilcot Green playground.

The Hilcot Green play area is primarily for younger kids, and features a toddler swing set, a multi use climbing frame with slide, and two spring rockers.

Impey Close playground.

The Impey Close playground includes a multi use climbing frame, a spring rocker, and a swing set.

Isobella Road playground.

The Isobella Road playground is a smaller one, with several spring rockers and a balancing game with logs set into the floor.

Lakin Drive / Thorpe Astley Community Centre playground.

The playground at the Thorpe Astley Community Centre is a pretty well equipped one with a wide range of play equipment.

Marshall Close playground.

The Marshall Close playground is a smaller play area with a variety of climbing frames and adventure obstacles.

Priestman Road playground.

The Priestman Road playground includes a toddlers swing set, a slide/climbing frame set, and several spring rockers.

Business Hours

Customer Service Shop

The new opening hours for customer services at the Braunstone Civic Centre during Covid-19 are: 

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 9AM - 1PM, then 1:30PM - 5PM.
  • Wednesday: 9AM - 1PM, then 1:30PM - 6PM.
  • Thursday: 9AM - 1PM, then 1:30PM - 5PM.
  • Friday: 9AM - 1PM, then 1:30PM - 5PM.
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

Please get in touch for information regarding bookings. 


Braunstone Town Community Library

  • Monday: 2PM - 7PM
  • Tuesday: 2PM - 5PM
  • Wednesday: 10AM - 12:00 Noon, then 2 PM - 5PM.
  • Thursday: 2PM - 5PM
  • Friday: 10AM - 12:00 Noon, then 2 PM - 5PM.
  • Saturday: 10AM - 1PM
  • Sunday: Closed

Thorpe Astley Community Centre

Not available for hirings to allow NHS and childcare usage of the centre during Covid-19. 

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Our Community Centres

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Braunstone Civic Centre
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Thorpe Astley Community Centre
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