Ongoing initiatives

Responding to Climate Change

The Council is taking steps to embed climate and environmental awareness in our decision making and actions. The Council aims to play our part in supporting the community to do the same. Find out more on our dedicated Responding to Climate Change page.

Proposed Extenstion to Conservation Area 

Braunstone Town Council, in partnership with Blaby District Council, proposed that the area of Braunstone Village to the south of Braunstone Lane/Main Street (i.e. within the administrative area of Braunstone Town) be considered for designation as a Conservation Area to coincide with the already designated Conservation Area of Braunstone Village on the northern side of Braunstone Lane/Main Street (which falls within the administrative area of Leicester City).

More information on the proposed Conservation Area can be found here: Proposed Extension to Braunstone Village Conservation Area

Shakespeare Park Improvements

Details and project updates on our ambitious proposals to make improvements to the sporting, recreation and play facilities at Shakespeare Park, off Avon Road, Braunstone Town.

The proposals include:

  1. a new multi-sports Clubhouse
  2. extension and improvements to the existing Car Park
  3. improvements to the play equipment and safety surfaces, including installation of sensory play equipment
  4. improvements to the Tennis Courts

For more information and updates on this exciting inititative, please click here.

Braunstone Civic Centre - Facilities Improvements

Details of our plans to refurbish the Civic Centre toilets, install a new changing places toilet and create a kitchen facility to enable the Civic Community Lounge to provide cafe services.

Watergate Lane Footpath

Footpath from Watergate Lane to Staplehurst Avenue

In February 2014, residents raised concerns with the Town Council that the footpath between Watergate Lane and Staplehurst Avenue had been closed.  This was not an official right of way; however, the Town Council agreed to pursue a “Definitive Map Modification Order” in order that the path be officially recognised as a right of way, since it had been used as such for over 20 years.  

Residents provided evidence that there had been public access across the area of open land and over 30 such pieces of evidence were submitted, along with the Town Council’s application, to Leicestershire County Council. 

Leicestershire County Council have confirmed that an order will be made, subject to a period of public notice for objections running until 1st June.   Should no objections be received, the order will be confirmed in June.

Click here to find out how to respond to the consultation and to read the proposed orders.

Highway Issues and Community Speedwatch in Thorpe Astley

We have been dealing with residents’ concerns relating to highways issues in Thorpe Astley.

The issues include:

  • Parking on Foxon Way
  • Speeding on Murby Way, Foxon Way, Meridian Way and Withers Way
  • Air pollution from increased traffic
  • Pedestrian safety on Meridian Way

We have submitted a formal request in writing to Leicestershire County Council asking them to work with us to:

  1. address congestion on Lubbesthorpe Way,
  2. consider and consult upon a scheme of works, including improvements to existing crossing points and to the road layout, on Meridian Way and Withers Way; and
  3. consider regulatory and preferential parking schemes in the Meridian and Thorpe Astley areas.

We will also be locating our speed sign on the main roads in Thorpe Astley and seeking support for a Community Speed Watch Scheme.  

For more information and updates on how we deal with ongoing highway issues in Thorpe Astley please click here.


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