Strategic Aims and Delivery Objectives (2022/2023)

Strategic Aims and Delivery Objectives (2022/2023)


The Council has four Strategic Aims for the medium term, which are set out below. Each Aim is supported by specific delivery objectives for the year, which are reviewed and developed as part of the annual review of the Council’s Business Plan and Capital Plan and the annual setting of the budget and Council Tax precept.

1. Protect and Enhance our Parks and Open Spacestree

Aim: To invest in and maintain high quality urban green spaces for sport, recreation and play, while enriching the natural environment.  

Delivery Objectives for 2022/2023:

  • Complete Phase 2 and 3 of the Shakespeare Park refurbishment: Tennis Courts and Playground;
  • open the New Shakespeare Pavilion building and site for use by sports clubs and the community;
  • support existing Clubs at Shakespeare Park to grow while supporting new sporting activities, such as Tennis and Petanque;
  • invest in and enhance tennis provision through Tap4Tennis;
  • continue to work with Blaby District Council and the developer to ensure improvements are made to the culvert at Thorpe Astley Park; and
  • carry out repairs to the Culvert and Bridge at Mossdale Meadows.


2. Provide Vibrant Community Facilities

Aim: To provide vibrant, accessible and cost effective community facilities, which continue to be used by and respond to the needs of our community.

Delivery Objectives for 2022/2023:

  • Deliver Civic Centre Capital improvements: refurbishment of toilets, provide a changing places toilet and deliver essential works on the building fabric;
  • expand the Bar Service to include a weekday Civic Centre café service along with outreach services at Thorpe Astley Community Centre;
  • implement revised Community Centres hire arrangements;
  • attract new activities and hires to Thorpe Astley Community Centre in response to the residents’ survey; and
  • provide new outreach services at Thorpe Astley Community Centre; for example, Local Area Coordination and Library Services.


3. Support and Connect the Local Community

man and old lady


Aim: To both nurture and enhance the Town’s community life and connect our communities to reduce isolation and build community cohesion.

Delivery Objectives for 2022/2023:

  • Work to establish a Good Neighbour’s Scheme;
  • support new and existing community activities and initiatives through our Community Grants Schemes and Programme of Events;
  • co-ordinate community events, such as Apple Day and the Queen’s Jubilee commemorations, and hold open days at both Shakespeare Park Pavilion and Thorpe Astley Community Centre;
  • develop Library events, initiatives and continue community engagement; including children’s reading, heritage displays and arts & craft events; and
  • support the Local Area Coordination Project.


4. Respond to Climate Change and champion sustainable development

Aim: To embed climate and environmental awareness in our decision making and actions and play our part in supporting the community to do the same.

Delivery Objectives for 2022/2023:bike

  • Deliver actions identified in the Carbon Audit with a view to the Council becoming Carbon Neutral by 2030;
  • implement an Environment and Biodiversity Strategy to enhance nature and biodiversity on our urban green spaces;
  • support and facilitate initiatives to improve cycling and walking routes within the Town and to the City Centre, Fosse Park and Meridian;
  • provide secure cycle lock up facilities at our community centres and open spaces; and
  • work to ensure that development meets present needs, minimises air pollution and car journeys, while protecting the needs of future generations.


To view the full Strategic Aims and Delivery Objectives (2022/2023) document please click here: 

Strategic Aims and Delivery Objectives (2022/2023)



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